The One and Only
Mr. America®
2016 AllAmerican Sports Festival

Six Flags® America | Washington D.C. | July 1-2, 2016

Sponsorship Information

Thank you for your interest in the 2016 Mr. America Contest!

We at MRA Promotions, LLC are proud to announce exclusive sponsorship opportunities for this epic/historic event at Six Flags America outside of Washington, D.C.

With thousands of visitors per day to Six Flags America during the 4th of July weekend celebration, it’s inevitable that high visibility and brand recognition will be at its optimum and your company can be an active part of the excitement that defines this year’s Mr. America event.

“We are building on the prestige, tradition and ‘old school’ values of this historic contest, and are focused on exposing new fans to our classic American Fitness culture,” said Bruce Ebel, President of MRA Promotions, LLC.  “This year’s Festival will top all of the previous Mr. America events held since 1939 with expanded competitions for both male and female athletes of all ages, as well as a wide variety of activities for the entire family.”

What is Mr. America?

In 2015, MRA Promotions, LLC brought the legendary all natural bodybuilding physique contest back from the past with old school values including an athletic and interview component for both men and women.

We are establishing a new and positive era of Mr. America by lifting the human spirit. Unlike any other contest, Mr. America strives to raise the bar of young men and women around the country to be better all around human beings. Mr. America is a drug-tested event.