Robby Clark III
Overall Men’s Physique

Photo: Rich Wysockey

Health and fitness is my passion.  It’s a huge part of my life.  I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is think about how many sprints I can run in 30 minutes.  The adrenaline kicks in, I start to sweat, my veins swell up, and my heart feels like it will burst out of my chest.  This is the feeling that I can’t live without.
I’ve been involved in athletics since a very young age.  That was a turning point for me, as I clearly knew that I wanted to pursue the fitness arena on every level possible.  I played sports in high school and then went on to compete in basketball at the Division III level.  While active in sports, I consistently weight trained and performed other cardiovascular exercises such as long distance running, cycling, swimming and plyometrics (jump training).  It wasn’t long before I began to study the science of building lean muscle.  While overall fitness training became routine, I soon realized that this was simply a lifestyle.  I train for life!
A few years ago, I decided to prepare for my first triathlon.  This endurance sport sparked a new interest for me and it developed into an addiction.  Being able to compete against top swimmers, marathoners and professional cyclists in a multiple-stage endurance sport is awesome.  The endorphin rush jumping from one discipline to the other in immediate succession over various distances is an incredible feeling that cannot be defined.

All of my knowledge and experience in the health and fitness industry has enabled me to share this with clients in my one-on-one personal training sessions.  It is truly rewarding and gratifying when I can motivate and inspire a person who wants to get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle.  I want to continue to help people reach their fitness goals and keep them motivated and excited to take their physical abilities to another level.  I know I have done my job when a client calls me up and says, “Robby, I look and feel amazing and couldn’t be happier!”  The more people I can reach out to and assist in their fitness goals, the easier my mission is!
Very recently, I decided to take my physical abilities to the stage at the 2015 Mr. America Physique Championships on August 8th in Rochester, NY.  It was time to put my life’s work in front of legendary bodybuilders and former Olympians who were judges at this spectacular event.  Six weeks before committing to the competition, I linked up with a coach/trainer.  Considering I was already well-conditioned, we knew that fine-tuning the diet and workout sessions would be the focus.  The day I stepped on that stage, I knew I brought my best package.  I was confident, proud and hungry for the win.  I only focused on myself because that was the one person I needed to beat.  After pre-judging, a pose-off and final round, I was crowned Mr. America Physique Champion.  Yes!  All of my life’s work paid off.  Winning this title was a dream come true.
I plan to compete in Men’s Physique competitions at a very high level for many more years. This is just the beginning.        Furthermore, my tenacity, discipline and hunger to continuously propel myself in the fitness field will never stop.  It will always be the life that I choose to live.

No recovery.  Train harder.  Keep pushing.