CLASSIC BODYBUILDING & PHYSIQUE COMPETITIONS will crown champions in Men’s categories of Physique and Bodybuilding. Women’s categories include Bikini, Figure & Physique.

This year’s bodybuilding/physique contestants will compete to represent a “classic era” look while being awarded for timeless attributes such as a deep V waist, symmetry, and overall muscularity. Pay homage to the roots of health, motivation and positive influence and celebrate early champions like Steve Reeves, Bill Pearl, Red Lerille, Jim Morris and Frank Zane. Mr. America lives a chosen life, as a credit to the title he bears. Humble. Proud. Purposeful.

The Judges

Former Mr. Americas, world champion athletes, world renowned artists and a youthful fashion executive compose an eclectic panel of celebrity judges who will help crown our newest champions.

Inspirational Heavyweights

WHO’S WHO OF INSPIRATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHTS will be available for meet and greet sessions during the weekend. Bring your friends, family, and children and be lifted by the aspirational fabric of these unique and exceptional people who share in common purpose.