The Mr. America® Event showcases the best American physiques, and also creates iconic works of art during the show. Meet the artists and performers who will be making the Mr. America® competition a truly unique experience.

Rip Cronk

Iconic Venice muralist, Rip Cronk, will be doing a live painting

Walker Babington

Walker Babington, an Annapolis – based artist, will be burning images on plywood with a BLOW TORCH and FLAME THROWER.

No BS! Brass Band

No BS! Brass takes the New Orleans brass band into uncharted territory, fearlessly combining elements of James Brown, John Coltrane, Michael Jackson, and Led Zeppelin into their fiercely original sound. Trained in the conservatory and hardened in the garage, No BS! Brass has performed at the Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, the Festival of New Trumpet Music, and on National Public Radio’s Tiny Desk Concert. Equally at home in the club or on the parade route, in the concert hall or on a festival stage, No BS! Brass creates new believers wherever it goes.

Frank Chapman

Frank Chapman is a talented aerial artist will be performing an aerial routine live.

Dennis Rodgers

Grandmaster Strongman

Dennis Rogers gained instant notoriety as a strongman in 1993, after withstanding the pull of two U.S. Air Force T-34 aircraft. By 1998, the Association of Oldetime Barbell and Strongmen named him Pound-for-Pound the World’s Strongest Man for the feats he performs. Today, he is a Grandmaster Strongman and he travels the world performing incredible feats of strength. Spectator’s watch in amazement as he twists steel horseshoes, rips phonebooks and decks of cards, and drive nails through construction lumber with one blow of his fist! Just a handful of the fantastic feats of strength he performs.

Dennis has been featured on many of the U.S.’s top television shows including The Late Show with David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel Live and Oprah to name a few. He is also the founder of Oldetime Strongman University. Through his products and seminars he has trained many of today’s top performing strongmen.

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