National Women’s Health Week

Each year Mothers Day welcomes National Women’s Health Week and encourages women across the country to make their health a priority!

Though many people believe that The Mr. America All American Sports Festival is merely meant for male competitors, this is not the case.  We are proud to welcome both men and women to compete in our bodybuilding and physique competitions.

In honor of National Women’s Health Week we would like to share a few tips that will help women live a more fulfilled and healthy lifestyle.

Stay Up To Date with Doctors visits and Check-ups

As a woman, it is important to protect your health by taking part in preventative care and screenings to prevent any disease, disabilities, or injuries.

Stay Active!

The Mr. America All American Sports Festival is an avid supporter of an active lifestyle!  It can be as simple as walking the kids to the park or enjoying a hike.  Do your best to obtain at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity to keep your heart and lungs healthy.

Maintain  A Healthy Diet

Though we all have our own unhealthy cravings, try to broaden your dieting horizons by enjoying the nutrients and taste of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet is a major key to any healthy lifestyle.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

A balanced diet and exercise is crucial to your overall well being and so is keeping your mind happy and healthy.  By ensuring you are getting enough sleep every night and using healthy methods to cope with stress such as exercise and meditation, you are sure to keep a positive and healthy lifestyle.

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