Mr. America 2016 All American Sports Festival – Event Recap

Mr. America 2016 Winners

As athletes and bodybuilders, we spend our lives training our minds and bodies and anticipating the chance to compete – to measure our progress against that of our peers. It’s what we do and it drives us to be the best we can be. The anticipation of the next event can be a huge motivator, inspiring us to work harder, to push our bodies beyond their former limits, to reach new heights.

For the past several months, athletes from around the nation set their minds and trained their bodies in anticipation of The Mr. America® 2016 All American Sports Festival™. Held on July 4th weekend at Six Flags America outside of Washington, D.C., the event hosted hundreds of athletes, performers, exhibitors and spectators, all coming together to compete in various competitions, educate and learn about fitness, and reward the dedication and effort of athletes of all ages. What an awesome tribute to our athletes and a spectacular way to celebrate our nation’s independence!

As organizers of the festival, we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who competed in, appeared at, attended, sponsored or otherwise participated in the festival. From athletes, to performers, judges and volunteers, to the spectators who came to take it all in – we thank you for your support and hope that the event was all that you anticipated it to be. In other words, we hope you had an AWESOME WEEKEND – and we’re glad you all survived the typical hot and humid East Coast summer weather!

To our athletes and body builders, we extend our congratulations for the effort you put in training for and competing in the event. You are all champions in our eyes! Keep up the good work!

After all of the planning, training and anticipating, the weekend went by in a flash. Here’s a summary of what went on:

  • Hundreds of athletes came together to compete in various athletic competitions, the NGA Pro Am Bodybuilding Physique, Figure and Bikini Competitions and the 5K Race.
  • More than 50 athletes competed for the Mr. America Title in the Bodybuilding, Physique and Bikini Competitions.   A huge congratulations to Shevon Cunningham who now holds the coveted historic Mr. America title for being America’s Best Built Man. Check out photos of Shevon on the Mr. America website at MrAmerica.Life.   Also, a list of winners will be posted to the NGA website shortly.
  • More than 50 participants displayed their athleticism, skill, stamina, and physical fitness – and competed for more than $20,000 in prizes – in an Athletic Competition comprised of 11 events: Plie Squats, Pull-ups, Vertical Jump, Standing Broad Jump, Football Target Throw, Zig Zag Run into Power Sled Push, Kettle Bell Seated Rope Pull, Push-ups, Soccer Ball Kick into Goal (20 yards, 2 trials), Core Test and a 200 Meter Final Run. For a full list of results and winners go to MrAmerica.Life. A big thank you to Boyd Epley who served as Athletic Competition Grandmaster.
  • A dozen brave athletes competed for All-Around Awards by competing in the Athletic Competition, the Mr. America Physique or Bodybuilding Competition, and Personal Interviews. Dauda Bangura won the Men’s All Around competition and Dee Joseph won the Women’s All Around competition.  Congratulations to both of them for their hard work and efforts.
  • Men, women and children of all ages competed in a timed, competitive Mr. America 5K Run, with medals being awarded for the top three finishers as follows; 1st place went to Brian Hayes with a time of 16:39, 2nd Place went to Joey Pickens with a time of 16:41 and 3rd Place went to Bennett Wasch with a time of 19:28. Thank you to both our runners and sponsors who participated along with Elite Race Management for overseeing this outstanding inaugural race.
  • The afternoon featured a Health, Wellness and Fitness Expo with Celebrity Sweat. There were competitions for Kids Push Ups and attendees participated in interactive group workouts with Fitness Celebrity trainer Billy Blanks & Eric the Trainer from the TV Show Celebrity Sweat. They also participated in a Les Mills BODYCOMBAT® Group Exercise Workout with Ben Feliciano and Lissa Bankston.
  • Athletes and spectators were treated to the music and artistry of Animation Dancer Marquese Scott, Aerial Artist and Ring Performer Frank Chapman, Mad Violinist Ashanti Floyd, Bar Performance by WCO and Jessie Graff and The 76 Degrees West Band.
  • Many celebrities from the sports and fitness world were on hand to mingle with the crowd, including legendary bodybuilders Frank Zane, Roger Callard and Ken Waller, NFL Hall of Fame Running Back Franco Harris, and Nebraska Hall of Fame Strength Coach and Founder of the National Strength and Conditioning Association Boyd Epley.
  • The event concluded with a huge fireworks display.

Be sure to visit our winners page to see pictures of the event and who took home the prizes!

After taking a collective deep breath, we are evaluating the success of our athletes and our event, and are beginning to plan for 2017. Check back here in the coming months for more information. And keep on pushing to be the best you can be!

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